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Discover the Power of Your Voice in this Women’s Bible Study

Are you weary and worn out, wondering what God’s good plan is for you?

As women, we wear many hats: friend, wife, mom, sister, the list is endless!

Sometimes in the hustle of life, we forget that we were called and gifted in a unique, God-given way.

We were given a voice to impact the kingdom.

Did you know the biggest battle any woman will ever face is the battle to rest in her God-given voice and divine authority?

That’s why I wrote this Bible study for women like you.

Eve: The Importance of a Woman and Her Voice

Eve: The Importance of a Woman and Her Voice is an engaging and empowering Bible study that reminds women of their importance to God, themselves, and others.

By focusing on Eve’s story, you’ll see how much thought, detail, and planning went into creating the first female.

Which means your life was part of God’s plan.

As you study the story of Eve, you’ll be challenged to discover the purpose and power of your voice in this Bible study for women.

“I have known many of these Scriptures most of my life, and I didn’t understand the level of love God placed within His Word to protect His daughters until I completed this study.”
  • Deborah

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This is more than a Bible study.

It’s an experience that could change your life!

Eve: The Importance of a Woman and Her Voice will transform lives by:

  • engaging women in a REAL and authentic way through Eve’s story
  • revealing truth about women’s BIGGEST struggles
  • celebrating your unique, God-given voice
  • challenging you to lean into God’s good plan
  • helping more women see their voice–the key that allows God’s light and love to stand against the enemy

Each Bible study consists of a weekly thought and a daily reflection to lay a deeper foundation.

As you complete this study, you will have a better understanding of why God called woman “good” and your divine purpose.

You’ll be encouraged, comforted, and given wisdom as you learn to use your voice to live out God’s purpose and promises for your life.

Pick up a copy of Eve: The Importance of a Woman and Her Voice and let the story of Eve remind you of God’s purpose and promises for you!

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Meet the Author of Eve

Catina Harris works in full-time ministry and connects with women in real and practical ways, by championing women to stay in touch with their God-given dreams and passions.

She’s been married to her husband, Benjamin, for over 18 years and they have three beautiful teenage children. In addition to serving in ministry, Catina is also a licensed attorney, and she works in corporate leadership in the healthcare industry.

Catina Harris, Author of Eve